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Item for purchase is a digital image file only. Can be used to make NFT or wall art. Only one of these images is being sold here. Download high res image after purchase. 2048 x 2048 px. JPEG format. Low res image (shown) with watermark.


We believe this process is better suited to NFT creation as you will have the original digital file in your possession and not merely a link to a representation or likeness of a file you do not 'physically' possess. In addition, some major platforms sacrifice rarity by creating a virtual open sea of similar images ready for 'lazy minting' or just in time minting that is subject to variable 'gas' fees at the time of purchase.


While we may offer links to order prints from third party companies, you are not purchasing a print from this site unless specifically stated. This listing is for a digital file only. We are only selling one digital file of this creation. You will see this website listing reflect that this item has been sold after your purchase.


To the buyer of this artwork: We offer the option of listing your name and a link to your collection on the 'sold' listing page that will remain active on our site. This will indicate how the buyer of this piece can be contacted if an interested party would like to make an offer on the item you purchased in the event you would consider selling the piece for a profit.

Digital Art - NFT, Wall Art

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